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Midwest Equine Dental Academy and Oral Care Center is an equine dentistry school located in Mid Michigan. Horse dentistry is our specialty, whether you want to become an equine dental technician, an equine veterinarian, or simply take better care of your horses.




                    MIDWEST EQUINE Midwest Equine Dental Academy


Midwest Equine Dental Academy and Oral Care Center


Free Equine Dentistry when you haul in to our facility in Mt Pleasant, Michigan. If the students do the work, all you pay is for sedation if necessary.

New grads for  2013: West Ratliff (OK), Jessica Schulthies(CA), Nicole King(MI), Chad Bowman(KY), Sarah Davidson(WI), Kayla Coburn(MA), Shelby Bosma(IN), Eric Wilson(MI), Robert Jewett(MI), Chris Tarrants(MI).   Congratulations! We'll see you at work and/or in the future continuing education opportunities. There is a list of our graduates by area (State or country) on the "Opportunities" page...bottom.
The Midwest Equine Dental Academy and Oral Care Center specializes in equine dentistry training through the apprentice system.  The equine dental school/oral care center is located at 5265 S. Winn Rd,  Mt. Pleasant, Michigan,48858 near the geographic center of Michigan's lower peninsula. Click on "Find Us" for directions.

The mission of Midwest Equine Dental Academy and Oral Care Center (M.E.D.A) is to develop and train equine dental technicians who can provide professional equine dental care (care of horses' mouth and teeth). Another vital goal is to improve th overall care of horses in general. We provide advanced techniques and methodology that usually cannot be addressed in the field. Our method of instruction is the
apprentice system, which provides a maximum amount of "Hands On" work.

 As veterinarian with 23 years experience, Dr. Hildebrand has found dentistry to make huge difference in almost all horses, especially chewing, digestion, and response to bits and bridles.  He has seen anecdotal evidence for improved digestion and reduced feed costs. After listening to stories about improvements expressed as "different horse", Dr. Hildebrand decided to train and develop students with excellent skills to master the basics. Our goal is to do it well, but not to "overdo". Most students go on to practice at their own individual level, and find great rewards in the amount of help they provide.

We are proud to offer this unique opportunity to become an equine expert here in the Midwestern United States. Over the last 10 years we have graduated more than 100 top level Equine Dental Technicians (EQDT's) who are distributed throughout the world. 

Some students plan to enter the job market, or already have jobs with veterinarians and trainers. Some plan to make an independent business, while others simply plan to care for their own horses. Most states in the U.S. require some sort of supervision by a veterinarian. This can be accomplished by establishing a working relationship with a veterinarian in the area you plan to work. Many of our students have this relationship established before taking the course.

Equine dental equilibration is a term used to describe proper balance and maintenance of the equine mouth. Performance floats are discussed as to how they can benefit trainers and owners to obtain maximum performance from their animals. Care of the equine mouth is not simply "floating", but includes incisor reduction, canine reduction, wolf tooth extraction, molar reduction, and tartar removal.  Advanced work (extractions, severe malocclusions, intraoral absesses, oral surgery, and power work) is provided at the equine hospital throughout the year by Dr. Hildebrand and his very well trained technicians.

We have many varieties of dental instruments for students to try for feel and fit before deciding which they prefer. This can make the investment in tools a lot less stressful.

Manual equine dentistry is our primary focus in the Level One class. We recommend one year of work with manual tools before learning use of power instruments. However, your professional career can begin after just one four week session!
We offer four week sessions in January, March, July, and October each year. We also offer advanced training and an anatomy class. You can check course availability and exact dates today.   See our (Calendar) web page or call 989-772-2999. Office hours are 8 to 6PM ET, M-F. Also a list of our graduates is at the bottom of the "meet our staff" page.

*NOTE: If you do not get a confirmation email within 24 hours after you applied, please call the All Equine Clinic at 989-772-2999, they are affiliated with MEDA.  Sometimes emails get lost in the "Spam" folder.



  1. Have a great profession within the horse world.
  2. Gain the respect of horsemen in your area.
  3. Help horses live longer and better.
  4. Gain training edges (get them out there quicker).
  5. Learn and understand the entire horse better. 
  6. Get a good job with hours you control.
  7. Learn to speak as a professional with other professionals.
  8. Understand and recognize many pathologies for referral to equine veterinarians.
  9. Improve the lives of thousands of equines over a long career.
  10. Farriers: Save your backs!
  11. Take your tools to shows, rodeos, and other equine events.
  12. Be able to demonstrate and judge the quality of previous dental work.
  13. Set yourself up for other training as a multitalented horseman (horsewoman).

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